Pretty Woman    (TBT 203)  Ted Lizotte ( featuring TONY OXENDINE


Circle Left
Pretty Woman, walking down the street
Pretty Woman, the kind I'd like to meet
Men Star Right now, why don't you roll it around and go
Allemande Left and Weave the ring
Pretty Woman, won't you pardon me
Pretty Woman, I couldn't help but see
(Swing and Promenade)
Pretty Woman, you look as lovely as can be


Heads(Sides) you Promenade her halfway around
Walk in and Square Thru Four Hands around
Go all the way, a Right and Left Thru, turn that girl
Veer Left, you Ferris Wheel around the ring
Square Thru and go Three Quarters round
Swing your corner, Promenade on down
Pretty Woman, say you'll stay with me


Grand Square
Cuz I need you
And I'll treat you right
Come hold me baby
Be mine tonight
Allemande Left and Weave (rock concert begins...)
She's walkin' back to me
(Swing your girl around and Promenade)
Yeah, she's walking back to me...


Circle Left
Pretty Woman, don't walk on by
Pretty Woman, don't make me cry
Left Allemande now, you'll do a Dosado , it's late
Left Allemande and Weave The Ring, but wait
What do I see???
(Swing and Promenade)
She's walkin' back to me
Whoa, oh, Pretty Woman!


The first half is in the style of Roy Orbinson
The second half is in the style of Van Halen
A big THANK YOU to Tony Oxendine for joining me on this one!!